From the Mirror’s Cameron Robertson :

Des Lynam has blasted football commentators who use foreign pronunciations for teams and players.

The TV host, 63, did not name names but attacked the “absurd” commentators who try to sound Spanish.

He said: “If somebody’s been to Marbella twice, they get this Spanish accent about things. Peru becomes Peroo, Chile is Chil-ay and Real Zaragoza becomes Real Tharagotha.

“Well that’s for them but not for us.”

Des, who quit the BBC after 30 years for ITV in 1999, currently hosts Channel 4 quiz show Countdown.

His comments came on BBC2’s Grumpy Old Man show which will air next month.

Fake accents galore will be showcased in the glory of high definition on June 9, when the BBC starts its HD trials with Germany’s World Cup opener against Costa Rica.