The Tampa Tribune’s Scott Carter reports on the latest bit of good publicity for the local ballclub.

The day after his latest rant, there was no security checkpoint at the entrance of Devil Rays owner Vince Naimoli’s private suite at Tropicana Field.

No one to stop another visiting scout from crashing the potty.

Prior to the Rays’ 11-2 win against Oakland on Saturday night, Naimoli unleashed an angry outburst toward Mets scout Howie Freiling, who was roasted for using the restroom in Naimoli’s suite. The suite is marked private by a sign posted at the entrance.

Naimoli (above) ordered Freiling out of the suite and told security guards to eject Freiling from the ballpark. While some within vicinity of Naimoli’s outburst claimed to hear him order Freiling banned for life, Rays vice president of public relations Rick Vaughn said Naimoli told him that’s not the case.

“He is welcomed back whenever he wants to return,” Vaughn said Sunday.

For some time, I’ve wondered exactly what Chuck LaMarr needed to do to get fired. Clearly, as long as he stays out of Vince Naimoli’s private toilet, his job is safe.