XXL published a fascinating interview with DMX last Friday in which the veteran MC touched on a number topics including his recent signing to Bodog.com (“I don™t even really remember how it came about. Some real shit, I don™t remember who did what about what”), the advent of digital distribution (“I don™t even think about it.”), his critics (“they all suck dick when they see me, so it doesn’t really matter”) and most importantly, the looming Presidential election.

Are you following the presidential race?

Not at all.

You™re not? You know there™s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there™s Hillary Clinton.
His name is Barack?!

Barack Obama, yeah.


What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa?

Yeah, his dad is from Kenya.
Barack Obama?

What the fuck?! That ain™t no fuckin™ name, yo. That ain™t that nigga™s name. You can™t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here.

You™re telling me you haven™t heard about him before.
I ain™t really paying much attention.

I mean, it™s pretty big if a Black¦
Wow, Barack! The nigga™s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain™t his fuckin™ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, œStop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit [laughs] œThat ain™t your fuckin™ name. Your momma ain™t name you no damn Barack.

So you™re not following the race. You can™t vote right?

Is that why you™re not following it?
No, because it™s just”it doesn™t matter. They™re gonna do what they™re gonna do. It doesn™t really make a difference. These are the last years.

But it would be pretty big if we had a first Black president. That would be huge.
I mean, I guess¦. What, they gon™ give a dog a bone? There you go. Ooh, we have a Black president
now. They should™ve done that shit a long time ago, we wouldn™t be in the fuckin™ position we in now. With world war coming up right now. They done fucked this shit up then give it to the Black people, œHere you take it. Take my mess.