While the rest of planet continues to absorb the impact of Omar Minaya’s supermarket sweep, things are uncharacteristically quiet in the Bronx. BJ Ryan didn’t consider setting up Mariano Rivera, Brian Giles seems to be dragging his feet, and as the Daily News’ Sam Borden reports, Johnny Damon would appear to be an unlikely candidate for pinstripes in 2006.

As of now, there’s no substantive dialog since Boras wants a seven-year deal for Damon. Scott Boras didn’t return a phone message yesterday but he’s believed to be waiting until next week’s winter meetings in Dallas before accepting potential offers from interested clubs, though one executive said he expects the list will be short if seven years remains the price.

Regardless, the Yankees are still looking at former Padre Brian Giles but are concerned that their chances are dwindling. Giles’ agent, Joe Bick, said yesterday that with San Diego now out of the mix – the Padres and Giles broke off negotiations after it became clear they didn’t have a financial match – Giles’ options are wide open but the Yanks are privately skeptical that Giles truly wants to come to the East Coast.

The Dodgers have emerged as a strong candidate to land Giles, 34. Adding a corner outfielder is one of the Dodgers’ offseason priorities and new GM Ned Colletti knows that it likely will take a contract in the neighborhood of three years and $30 million to sign Giles.

The Yanks have expressed interest in Phillies outfielder Jason Michaels, but are waiting to hear back from the Phils about possible trade talks. They’ve also discussed troubled Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley (most team insiders are against acquiring him) and could opt to use Bubba Crosby at the start of the season and then hope the trade market loosens up during the summer.