Though many of you might not know the name of Bay Area musician/producer/engineer/label owner Tom Mallon-McCorgray, if you’ve been a fan of the region nation’s better underground music of the past quarter century, his name has almost certainly figured in some of your favorite recordings. Tom’s Grifter Records was the original home of American Music Club and Flying Color, he recorded and played (at various stages) drums and bass for the former, drums for Toiling Midgets and for a spell, bass in a super late version of Negative Trend. His production & engineering credits cover an incredible amount of musical ground, from Crucifix to Cynthia Dall, from Thin White Rope to the Zip Code Rapists.

A while back, Tom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Though a number of SF rock luminaries came together to raise funds for his medical care last March, Mallon-McCorgray was admitted to hospice care earlier this month.

There’s a effort to raise funds for Tom’s continued hospice expenses and you can make a donation here. Whether you’re a longtime friend, a band who benefited from his work or simply someone like me — who got so much out of his recordings and performances in a variety of scenarios, please consider giving Tom and family your support.