Duke 83 BC 81

With Duke leading by 3 with seconds remaining, Duke’s Sheldon Williams clobbered BC’s Tyrese Rice during the latter’s layup attempt. Williams didn’t come close to the ball.

Said blown call led to the night’s 79th reaction shot of Doug Flutie. About the nicest thing you can say about ESPN’s decision to keep a lens glued to the former Eagles QB is that Fluie garnered far more airtime than Robert Kraft or Tim Russert.

I don’t wanna keep rubbing the Home Theatre salt in your wounds or anything, but obscene chants directed at J.J. Redick’s family are so much more rousing in HD.

Texas 66, Missouri 53

(Texas’ Brad Buckman, shown colliding with Missouri’s Kalen Grimes)

PJ Tucker shot out the lights and the Longhorns bounced back from the mugging they suffered last Saturday night to Oklahoma. As for Mizzou, I’m with our correspondent on this one. Quinn Snyder’s hair is just too nice for him to be an effective teacher of young men.