OK, well, he’s probably richer. The advent of Twitter has ushered in a whole new era of pro athlete accessibility, and leave it to Cards hurler Brad Penny to prove he’s every bit as prickly as LeBron James or Gavin Rossdale.

(images culled from punchingkitty.com)

Should Brad possess the maturity to simply take whatever abuse he receives from strangers and move on to the next plate of lasagna? Fuck no, what kind of a pussy passes up a chance to get into a diss battle on Twitter? The only thing more predictable fun than Penny being further ridiculed would be if someone gave him shit for tweeting instead of doing laps, pitching winter ball, finding a cure for cancer, etc.    You know, all of the things someone dissing a grade-Z celeb on Twitter would be doing themselves if they could just stay away from the computer for 5 minutes.

In all seriousness, Penny’s fair game, as is anyone wishing to laugh at his apology for an MIA 2010 season. The only person with a right to be offended in all of this is poor Mark Mulder.