We’ll find out later who blinked / came to their senses, but for now, here’s the update from the Boston Globe’s Gordon Edes :

A source close to the negotiations confirmed that the Red Sox contingent in Southern California is flying back to Boston with pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka and his agent, Scott Boras, on board.

œYou can assume that a deal is done or close, said another source with direct knowledge of the talks.

(UPDATE :  Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald’s version of events :

It is safe to conclude that Matsuzaka and Boras did not board Henry™s private jet if both they and the Red Sox were not, at the very least, hopeful of striking a deal.

On Tuesday night, the Red Sox received their first official offer from Matsuzaka, a six-year deal worth $11 million a year. That offer came after the Red Sox had made their second offer, at $8 million per year for six years. It remains to be seen what the final figure on any deal would be but if and when Matsuzaka signs, the Red Sox will have to write a check for $51.11 million to his Japanese team, the Seibu Lions, within five days of a signing.

(UPDATE DOS : SI.com’s Jon Heyman is reporting Matsuzaka has agreed to a 6 year, $52 million pact, with incentive clauses that could raise the value of the contract to $60 million. WEEI’s Glen Ordway is encouraging listeners to greet Matsuzaka’s plane at Hanscom Airfield. Once Boston’s new acquisition gets a peak at his new, adoring fan base, I wouldn’t be surprised if he hops back on the jet. )