A responsible blogger would be paying closer attention to Chester Taylor imposing his will on the Arizona Cardinals. I, however, am far more consumed with the question of whether or not Childress Mustache.com is any more or less terrifying than Sal’s Pals.

There’s a fascinating clash of offensive styles taking place in the Georgia Dome. New Orleans’ Drew Brees (9/12, 201 yards, 2 TD’s) had a monster first half, while the Falcons’ most impressive running threat, for better or worse, remains QB Michael Vick. Nice grab by the Saints’ Terrence Copper on a Brees Hail Mary at the end of the half, but there’s no way that ball should’ve been caught. 30 defenders camped out in the end zone and nobody can bat the pass down? The words “coach killers” come to mind.

Baltimore’s Bart Scott knocked Ben Roethlisberger out briefly, though the Steelers’ Biker Rock Loser might wanna stay down next time. The Ravens seem well on their way to winning their 5th in a row, proving that good things happen to those who part ways with Jim Fassell. Other than the Giants.

The Rams’ Steve Jackson is narrowly ahead in his 1pm duel with SF’s Frank Gore
, and while St. Louis have been decidedly average thus far in ’06, there’s no reason they can’t run the table the rest of the way, save for a Dec. 11 meeting with the Bears.

The only drama remaining in Cleveland today is whether or not the Browns keep Ocho Cinco out of the end zone. Well, that and whether Charlie Frye attempts fewer than 25 passes in the 2nd half.

Jay Culter will supplant Jake Plummer
as the Broncos starting QB when the Broncos play Seattle on December 3. Keep in mind, however, there are far more important things in the world to worry about.