(above, can’t be trusted on live TV. On the left, Michael Irvin)

Along with reporting an embarrassing case of mistaken identity for TNT’s Craig Sagar (even Jim Gray is laughing about this one), the New York Post’s Mini-Marchand Pat Reichardt snuck the following into Friday’s paper.

Is ESPN on the verge of cutting ties with NFL analyst Michael Irvin?

One industry source believes the decision has already been made, and that some at the network view the outspoken Irvin as a ticking time bomb, ready to explode into a public-relations nightmare.

ESPN did not confirm or deny the report, but issued a statement, saying: “We are currently in the process of discussing studio assignments for next season.”

There is speculation that newly retired Bill Parcells could end up at the network, but there is no indication that a deal is imminent.

In other basic cable news, a highly revered small-screen fixture had his reputation sullied this week with groping claims revealed at The Smoking Gun. But enough about Don Vito, there’s apparently some Harold Reynolds news, too.