New ensconced ESPN public editor Jim Brady may or may not follow in the footsteps of prior ombudsmen Le Anne Schreiber and Robert Lipsyte in holding his employer accountable for journalistic and/or ethical lapses, but for the time being, it seems he’s mostly toiling as the human complaint box.  While Brady tells he’s happy to hear from them via email, twitter or Facebook (not a Chaturbate enthusiast, it seems) it would appear he’s already grown weary with the lines of questioning :

Here a few examples out of what I’ve received:Why does require a Facebook account to comment?

Why can someone only cancel ESPN Insider by phone?

Why do readers have to watch a 15-second video pre-roll ad before a 10-second video clip?

Now that Grantland is gone, where should readers go to find the best long-form journalism produced by ESPN?

I’m not looking for takes on some of the larger issues I’ll soon be writing about — the demise of Grantland, ESPN’s coverage of Deflategate and its relationship with daily fantasy sports sites. I’ve received plenty of reader feedback on those issues.