Me neither.  But the owners of the UFL’s fledgling Las Vegas Locomotives are hoping the American public’s never-ending appetite for professional football includes a taste for the garish.   OK, not every league can design uniforms as classy and traditional as those of the Carolina Panthers (or can they?), but UFL commisioner Michael Huyghue explains why Vegas’ franchise has the same name as a Moscow soccer club.  œLas Vegas was originally established in 1905 with the opening of the Salt Lake, San Pedro and Los Angeles Railroads. We wanted to honor the vast history of the city and the intrinsic benefits that this innovation provided to the community.

Indeed, it couldn’t have been easy to come up with a name that reflected the local culture.  And “Las Vegas Assholes In Ed Hardy Tees” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily.  (link : Maury Brown’s Biz Of Football)