Me neither.  Having already gone on record bashing the city of Baltimore, current Giants OF Huff — a likely candidate for the NL All-Star squad if a couple of position players drop out due to injury — tells’s Mychael Urban, “the All-Star Game is (ridiculous)”.  Stupid?  Disappointing?  A big bag of cocks?  C’mon, Mr. Urban, what’s with the censorship?

“It™s so backward, it™s a joke, said Huff, a 33-year-old veteran of 11 big-league seasons who has never been an All-Star. œI mean, if you want to make the game mean something and be so important with the World Series thing, why are you letting the fans pick the starters?

œIf the game™s that big of a deal, it should be the managers and players picking the team, because they really know who the best players are. Let the fans pick that last guy in the internet thing. That™s enough. The way they have it now, though, with the fans picking the starters, it™s either the most popular players or the guys on the big-market teams — the cities with the most fans, like the Yankees and Boston and Philly — just dominating the voting.

œIf you want the game to just be for the fans, that™s fine. Knock yourself out. Let ˜em pick the team, Huff said. œBut to put something like home field in the World Series on the line, too? I™m sorry, but that™s just ridiculous. They™ve made a huge mess of the thing.

œI don™t even watch it anymore. Like I said, it™s a total sham.”

Urban was probably in hurry getting this story up, otherwise he’d have undoubtedly pointed out to Huff this year’s NL All-Star roster includes starters such as Hanley Ramirez and Ryan Braun, neither of whom toils in Boston, New York or Philadelphia. On the AL side of the ledger, no Boston position players were voted to a starting lineup that includes as many players from Texas, Minnesota and Tampa as it does the Bronx.