(keep laughing, Mark Gubicza, at least Kevin’s still chucking)

The afternoon after teeing off on the Rainiers’ Kevin Appier (above), the PCL’s Round Rock Express saw their 11 game winning streak come to a halt with a 2-1 loss at Tacoma’s “Don’t Call It Dick” Cheney Stadium. Jared Gothreaux (4 IP, 1 ER, 3 hits, 4 K’s, 2 walks) took the loss after the Astros’ Trevor Miller pitched a scoreless first, his third such rehab stint in the past week.

Kansas City’s Scott Elarton might be the unluckiest pitcher in the majors — and not merely because he has to tolerate Buddy Bell’s chronic flatuence. Elarton remains winless after the Royals blew a 3 run lead in the 8th innning today against Cleveland, K.C. then coming back to win with a pair of runs in the 8th off Mike Piazza’s old dance partner, Guillermo Mota. Angel Berroa (above) was 3-4 for the Royals with a pair of singles and a HR surrendered by Mota. I realize today is May 10, but it’s never to early to freak out about giving Angel Berroa something good to hit.

David Ortiz just hit a 2-run HR off the Yankees’ Mike Mussina in the first inning
. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you pretend the ball is Mike Vacarro’s face.