Admittedly, I’m a little behind on the country club sports. I didn’t even know Jed Clampett was still alive, let alone yapping for CBS.  From the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Ed Zieralski :

Another ethnic slur has reared its ugly head from the golf world, and once again, it’s from a golf announcer.

Bobby Clampett, a former pro and CBS announcer, referred to Chinese golfer Wen-Chong Liang (above) as “the Chinaman,” on the air on Friday.

Clampett issued an apology, albeit a rather weak one, on the air: “It has been a privilege to be here with you the last two days describing action of the players. In describing the Asian player Wen-Chong Liang if I offended anybody please accept my sincere apolgies.”

These are sensitive times in the golf world. Golf is trying hard to join the 21st Century and be part of he the diverse world, but there are times the old world, too often the Old South, shows up at the microphone.