“I think she is currently a woman. I can’t confirm for you that she has been a woman her entire life. My guess is that at some point she had some form of surgery. Have you seen this chick?”

The above quote comes courtesy of former XX Sports Radio host Scott Kaplan (above) who found himself unemployed this week after his remarks about Mountain West TV broadcaster Andrea Lloyd received mass circulation. While Kaplan has publicly apologized, he took great pains to tell one media outlet, “we’re a ‘guy show,’ a locker room kind of show”. The North County Times’ John Maffei reminds us, “the recent controversy is the latest in a questionable history of events over the last decade.”

During the summer, Kaplan encouraged a woman who was threatening to jump off the Coronado Bridge to jump because his wife was stuck in a traffic jam and it meant he had to go pick up one of his children.

According to a UT San Diego article, a suit was settled in 2004 after Kaplan called a woman who had earlier had his car towed a “skank” on the air. The suit detailed derogatory and intimidating threats to the woman.

Reportedly, Kaplan asked the woman, “Do you know who I am? You’ve ruined my day, and I have 80,000 watts over which to broadcast your name.”