While Brady Quinn was looking, well, Kosar-esque against the Lions 3rd stringers last night, Vince Young struggled against the Patriots during the Titans’ 2nd preseason tilt Friday, and coach Jeff Fisher has all sorts of diplomatic reasons why. From The Tennessean’s Paul Kuharsky.

“I think it was a combination of things ” the (wet) weather, the surface, people in his face,” Fisher said Saturday. “The approach that the Patriots took defensively was a unique approach. They brought people (in pass rush) almost every down from different places, dropped different people out in coverage.

“We went out in this game with a very basic game plan. We had not put ourselves in position to try to take advantage of those things.”

If nothing else, we oughta be thankful that Fisher resisted the opportunity to perpetuate the myth of the Madden Curse.

Charles Rogers is said to be heading for the CFL, and if it works out half as well for him as it did for Johnny Rogers…he might never need to pay for a cup of coffee in Saskatchewan again.

During NBC’s coverage of tonight’s Giants/Ravens injury-fest, John Madden admitted to Al Michaels that he has no idea how much a gallon of gas costs. However, the former Raiders coach is aware it takes 30 minutes to refuel the Maddencruiser, and declared “you meet some very interesting people at truckstops.” Yes, so I’ve heard.