(really just a cheap excuse to post this song again)

Fresh off the Chipper Jones and Mariano Rivera retirement tours, Florida Today’s John A. Torres announces he finds such ceremonies “nauseating”, saying of the pending tributes to Derek Jeter throughout the American League, “a nice round of applause from the fans should suffice…boo if you want, applaud if you must but these tributes need to stop. Otherwise, please pass the barf bag.” (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Apparently, Mets fans in New York are marketing the “Jeter Retirement Barf Bag.”

Some of the “directions” on the bag include: “WARNING! Repeated exposure to video clips of Jeter’s last two truly great plays may cause nausea and vomiting (“the flip” vs Oakland in 2001 and “the dive” vs Boston 2004 — note the years”).

Can you imagine this nonsense taking place in football? Do you think the Redskins honored Troy Aikman? Can you picture the outrage in Pittsburgh if the Steelers honored Ray Lewis?

The Magic recently decided to go one better, honoring Dwight Howard with a video tribute when he came to town with his newest team — the Rockets. Howard held the franchise hostage, got a terrific coach fired, criticized the team and the city, and forced a trade to the Lakers.

I’m gonna presume Torres is aware that unlike Howard, Jones, Rivera and Jeter all earned a measure of affection and/or respect because they didn’t force trades and/or get managers fired during their tenures with the same organizations they started their careers with. But it’s totally ok, because I got to post the White Boy single again.