…no, not Victor Ortiz, victimized by a somewhat dubious K.O. in the 4th round last night in Las Vegas, but HBO’s Larry Merchant, who upon being told “you don’t know shit about boxing”, replied, “I wish I was 50 years younger, so I could kick your ass.” In the view of Boxing Insider’s Rich Mancusco, Mayweather’s unprovoked outburst at Merchant was an evasive measure to dodge the most obvious question of all.

Mayweather has etched his name in stone as a Boxing Hall of Famer. The knockout over Ortiz should not be considered a defining moment of his legacy until he meets Pacquiao. Ortiz wants a rematch that may not be warranted or offered, though Mayweather has consented. Perhaps this is another way for Mayweather to avoid Pacquiao for another 16 months.