The former Mets left-fielder, currently in camp with the Cubs, proves to be a master of understatement when speaking with the Beacon News’ Jeff Vorva (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

Floyd (above), the former Thornwood High School standout and a new member of the Cubs, arrived at Fitch Park a few days before Monday’s deadline for position players and was a bit bothered by perceptions that he’s a poor defensive player.

That subject was raised by John Thomson, a pitcher and former Met who signed with Toronto as a free agent during the offseason. Upon joining the Blue Jays, Thomson said, “Just watching the Mets’ outfield, if Cliff Floyd is still there, it’s not a real good fit. He can hit the ball, but as far as defense, he’s a little shaky.”

Floyd tried to take the high road Friday, but couldn’t resist getting in a few verbal jabs.

“I could have called some people and blasted him back and dissed him,” Floyd said. “But at this point in my career — the only people he hurt were my mom’s and dad’s feelings. As far as retaliating and all that stuff — let him be him.

“From what I’ve seen, he’s not one of the greatest pitchers in the game. It didn’t really affect me in terms of my pride. He hurt my mom, and that bothered me. People who talk a lot seem to always be on the short end of the stick. I wish him the best of luck.”

In college ball earlier today, the displaced Texas Longhorns, currently toiling in not-so-faraway Williamson County, beat Stanford for the 2nd straight afternoon, in a 5-2 decision started by junior Adrian Alaniz (above). Alaniz, whom some of you might remember from his no-hitter against Oklahoma two years ago, K’d 8 Cardinal hitters, and allowed just 1 run on 4 hits and 3 walks.

Congrats to Miguel Cabrera, who not only won his abritration hearing against the Fish today, but in doing so, throughly exposed diminutive dimwit David Samson for the penis-pump wielding doofus he truly is.