(they’ve got ’em in Anaheim, too)

Of the Nu-Stadium’s Helmet Nachos, Gothamist’s Nell Casey writes, “this wasn’t the first time I’d indulged in some stadium nachos,”, but apparently she’s not previously sampled Wrigley Field’s much vaunted, possibly superior product, one that beat the Yankees to the market by 4 years.

There’s nothing beyond the sheer volume of food product and its unique serving vessel that makes these nachos any different than your garden variety stadium nacho; and even so, hasn’t everyone enjoyed a “helmet ice cream” at some point or another at the ballgame? The chips were nice and crunchy, the cheese a pleasing shade of mustard, the pickled jalapenos spicy as all get out; in other words, exactly what you want out of a big ass bowl of nachos.

Would I order the helmet again? Probably not, unless I hadn’t eaten for several days and had no further food ingestion plans for the foreseeable future. Even my seemingly endless capacity to eat cheese was no match for the gargantuan portion; and at $20 for one item, it’s steep even for ball park prices. Once you dump the excess and give it a rinse, you do get a souvenir helmet out of the deal, which would make for easy re-gifting to some kid you don’t care much about.