Buffalo running back Marshawn Lynch (above) has already demonstrated a tendency to flee from the scene of a crime, but a report in Friday’s Buffalo News indicates such offenses are hardly limited to the spectacular (link courtesy Tom Enstice).  A Southstown, NY woman claims Lynch grabbed a $20 bill out of her hands as she attempted to pay a diner bill.

Buffalo Police Sgt. William Crawford asked that his wife’s name be withheld because she and her girlfriend are frightened of retribution from Lynch.

Crawford said his wife’s girlfriend was approached at the restaurant by another member of the Buffalo Bills, who struck up a conversation with the unmarried woman. At some point, Lynch arrived at the restaurant and joined them.

When the woman’s girlfriend stepped away from the table, Crawford said his wife pulled out a $20 bill to pay their check in preparation for leaving.

Lynch, 23, of Hamburg, then grabbed the money from her hand.

“He takes the $20 out of her hand, and my wife says “What are you doing?’ and Lynch says “Don’t worry.’ When my wife’s girlfriend came back to the table, she told her about it. The girlfriend approached Lynch and said, “Give my friend her money back,’ and Lynch threatened her saying “Do you know who I am? There’s going to be consequences.’

“We’re not doing this because I’m a policeman. We’re doing this because he robbed her. We want it to go to a grand jury. Lynch is a predator,” Crawford said.

“I tend to doubt the story,” Enstice writes, “because as we all know, Lynch is an Applebee’s and Dave & Buster’s guy.”