Since I actually heard a paid Fox employee opine the Saints’ season-opening 24-20 home win over the Bucs would provide some measure of solace for New Orleans “after a tough week”, can we all agree that Matt Ryan’s successful Falcons debut has HEALED ALL WOUNDS caused by Michael Vick, dog-fighting, multiple Brains reunions, etc.?  That Michael Turner’s club-record 220 yards rushing has all but erased memories of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ untimely demise in 2002?  That Jason Elam’s 2 field goals and 4 successful conversions will finally mean closure for those haunted by the murders of some 30 or so Atlanta children between the years 1979 and 1981 Dan Reeves doing The Dirty Bird? That head coach Mike Smith not taking a collegiate job at halftime means Arthur Blank is the greatest modern executive this side of Ron Noades?

Right or wrong, it’s too late. I’m saying all of those things.