Isiah Thomas had the misfortune of calling WFAN’s Mike Francesca this afternoon.

Francesca : “You put a lot of eggs in the basket….and I supported it at the time, because I thought it made the team better…but the Marbury thing with Larry is not a good mix and you know it. You were a point guard, a great one, you know this, it isn’t a good fit. Marbury has always been a 1 and a half, Larry wants a pure point who plays differently than Marbury does. Can you see any way in your heart of hearts that those two are gonna co-exist on a successful level?

Thomas : “I’m hoping…I know they both are trying. I see them both bending over backwards trying to accomodate each other. But at the end of the day if its not working, then we’ll have to do something.”

Francesca : “But how do you move a guy who has a zillion dollars left on his contract, who’s been to a million stops and isn’t successful in this one, you think he’s still marketable?”

Mike, was of course refering to Stephon Marbury. As opposed to Larry Brown, who has a zillion dollars left on his contract, has made a million stops and doesn’t appear to be successful in this one.