Granted, Howie Rose’s call of David Wright’s dramatic game winning single in the bottom of the 9th last night doesn’t quite measure up with John Sterling’s greatest hits (especially those high-far-gone balls that are caught at the warning track), but WFAN’s Mike Francesca couldn’t resist taking exception this morning — both to Rose’s tone and to Wright’s “Carlton Fisk routine.”

“What is this?  Did I miss the entire summer? Is it May 20 or October 20? Was this the World Series last night?” sputtered Francesca, but not before waxing eloquent about a subject near and dear to the hearts of all of his New York area listeners —- the Spurs’ Game 6 win over the Jason Terry-deprived Mavericks.

(not Randy Johnson)

Dragged back to subject of the Yankees and Mets by Chris Russo, Francesca dismissed Randy Johnson, saying of the The Big Eunuch, “he’s Kenny Rogers now”.

The Bombers should be so lucky.  Rogers, for those who don’t actually follow Major League Baseball, is 7-2 this season with a 2.91 ERA. He’s also allowed 4 HR’s so far, compared to Johnson’s 9.