After Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” creaked through the Shea Stadium tannoy after the 5th inning of tonight’s Rockies/Mets clash, WFAN’s Howie Rose explained that former Mets GM Frank Cashen is the man responsible for the modern-day custom of playing contemporary pop music at a ballgame.

Cashen, Rose explained, pioneered the practice while serving as General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles in the early 1970’s, in an attempt to appeal to “the kids”.

So there you have it. The next time you’re at your favorite ballpark and yearn for the sounds of an organist and are instead greeted with some Godsmackian nonsense, you’ll know who to thank. The very same motherfucker who preferred Kevin McReynolds to Kevin Mitchell.

The New York Daily News’ Adam Lisberg reports that for $8.75, you can purchase a Coors Light at Yankee Stadium, served at the not-quite-frosty temperature of 60 degrees.

If that weren’t scandalous enough, it takes nearly 5 cans before Phil Mushnick thinks Suzyn Waldman is Morgan Fairchild.