With “SportsCenter” pointing out the Knicks have already suffered 5 losses of 25 points or more this season, the odd bit of rancor might be expected at The World’s Most Dysfunctional Arena, with last night’s brick-fest against Indy being the latest capitulation.  But unlike the festivities at Giants Stadium’s Gate D, it doesn’t take much to be shown the door at James Dolan’s palace of ineptitude, as the New York Daily News’ Mitch Lawrence explains.

Holding up a “Fire Isiah” sign can get you ejected from the Garden.

It happened late in Monday’s Knicks-Pacers game when a fan seated one row behind the Knicks team bench and only a few feet from Isiah Thomas held up a sign calling for Thomas’ ouster as team president and coach. Garden security invoked the arena’s “signs and banners policy,” which states that “any interference with the enjoyment of another guest’s experience will result in the confiscation of the sign and/or possible ejection from the facility.”

A team official said the unidentified fan, who held a ticket for the seat, might have been heckling Thomas as well. He was ordered to leave the seat and move to another seat, but may have left the building. The incident occurred with about 3:00 left in the Knicks’ 119-92 defeat.

Thomas, who didn’t know about the incident, was asked if he would have a problem with a fan holding a “Fire Isiah” sign.

“Believe me, I have way too much on my mind right now than that,” he said.