The Capitol Times’ Phil Fritz claims the key to ensaring the highly coveted Terrelle Pryor could be held by…John Calipari?

Terrelle Pryor, the top unsigned football recruit in the nation, will visit Memphis this weekend, according to sources in Memphis. The trip will, reportedly, begin today. Apparently Memphis has been more effective than any other basketball program, and virtually every football program, in persuading Pryor to visit.

Memphis is offering Pryor the opportunity to play both sports. Very reliable sources in Memphis report that the potential to earn beaucoup bucks at round ball grossly offsets the risks from playing even one season of Division One football in the Big Ten or any other major football conference. Even if he does survive to take a stab at the NFL, the risk of a serious injury is so great that it doesn’t make sense to even try.

A curious question involves even trying Memphis. Would spending a season at Memphis be an improvement over sitting out next season until he turns 19?

Memphis does have an opportunity that the rest of the football and basketball programs recruiting Pryor, for the most part, have not had.

Assuming that Papa Pryor will go along on the visit, the Tigers will have to prove that the trip can be done with little or no discomfort for his father, who is wheelchair bound.

It gets even more interesting, however. Will Terrell’s parents be able to attend every game that the want to see? Traveling from Pittsburgh to Memphis is neither easy nor cheap.

While the Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith considers recent remarks by the Pennsylvania two-sport startlet as evidence Memphis would have an easier time recruiting Richard Pryor, we should all be aware this story is not without precendent. After we saw Texas’ Rick Barnes make an impassioned pitch to land Smash Williams for the fictional TMU, there’s no reason why the football and basketball departments of a major university cannot work in tandem.