The Ledger-Enquirer’s Danee Attebury attended a meeting of the Columbus (GA) Rotary Club, and emerged with evidence of superior wit in the SEC to that of Warren St. John.

UGA alum Ron Mullins told a joke about a little boy caught in the middle of a custody battle. The boy’s parents were beating him, so the judge wanted to send him to live with his aunt or grandmother, but the boy said his whole family beat him.

“The judge granted custody to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, who the judge determined was not capable of beating anyone,” Mullins said.

He bashed Alabama next. “They’ve raised the minimum drinking age to 32. Seems they want to keep alcohol out of the high schools.”

Alabama fan Mac Plummer shot back, “Well, I had one son who was sober, and he went to Alabama.”

Plummer said Auburn football players receive good grades because they take classes in subjects such as weight training, organic gardening and sports in America. Required reading material for Auburn players? “How To Help Kids Read Gooder,” Plummer said.

He also said he doubted many Auburn fans watched the Comedy Central show “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” because the show is “a little too highbrow.”