MSNBC on the Rangers’ Kenny Rogers and his troubles with those pesky TV cameras.

Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers shoved two cameramen Wednesday, sending one to the hospital in a videotaped tirade that included throwing a camera to the ground and threatening to break more. ESPN reported that the man, Larry Rodriguez, filed a police report, claiming assault.

The report also said that police went to interview Rodriguez at about 9 p.m. ET at the Medical Center of Arlington where the cameraman was being examined for possible injuries. Detectives plan to interview Rogers on Thursday.

Rogers, who missed his last start with a broken pinkie he suffered during an outburst earlier this month, erupted at the cameramen as they filmed him walking to the field for pregame stretching before Wednesday night™s game against the Los Angeles Angels.

The 40-year-old left-hander first shoved Fox Sports Net Southwest photographer David Mammeli, telling him: œI told you to get those cameras out of my face.

Rogers then approached a second cameraman. He wrestled the camera from Rodriguez of Dallas-Fort Worth television station KDFW, threw it to the ground and kicked it.

The 6-foot-1, 210-pound pitcher saw two other cameramen who were recording from the Rangers™ dugout and walked toward them. He did not make contact with the men, who were backing away.

œI™ll break every … one of them, Rogers said before he was escorted to the clubhouse by catcher Rod Barajas.

Rogers’ attack can be viewed here (windows media player required).

Albert Belle and Sean Penn were unavailable for comment. Or, more accurately, I don’t have their phone numbers.