D-Listed writes “I have no idea if this shit is old news and I’m barely getting in on it, but what the hell?” Old news, indeed.

Gayelle is the gayest thing I ever heard of in my life. Hey, but if that’s what you want to be called, more power to you. I will gladly call you Gayelle to your face and then turn around and call you a “stupid dyke” behind your back. I won’t say it too loud, because I’m scared of Gayelles. They can beat me up. And for the record, all the lesbians I know would never want to be called a Gayelle. If they did, I would have to dick slap them and that wouldn’t be pleasant for either of us.

The resulting comments from D-List readers are a bit of a minefield (to say nothing of the original post), but I’ll give the individual authors a small bit of credit — it beats wading through the comments that follow Kelly Dwyer’s NBA Experts Blog entries.