In a trade that speaks volumes about the decreased market value of each player, San Francisco have acquired OF Steve Finley from the Angels in exchange for former Mets 3B Edgardo Alfonso.

This is what passses, by the way, for a major deal by the Angels these days. With all due respect to Ben, Jed, Larry and whoever in Boston is making the big decisions these days, is anyone having a worse off-season than Anaheim? Other than the Marlins, that is. XM’s Ronnie Lane fielded a call today from an aggrieved gentleman who wanted to know “just what is going on with the Angels and Artie Moreno?”

Lane, showing his unique ability to bond with the listeners responded, “yeah, what is going on out there? What are you hearing? Any good rumors?”

In an era in which the airwaves are jammed packed with Mr. Know It Alls, each of them ready to rely on expert testimony from other commentators, beat writers, etc., to say nothing of the other tools at their disposal (newspapers, internet, other radio programs), it is refreshing to know that XM continues to employ a host who not only admits to having no fucking idea what’s happening outside of his studio, but openly solicits the aid of the general public at every available instance.