(Jose Reyes, moments after hitting his first career inside-the-park HR)

Mets 7, Dodgers 0 (top of the 7th)

Jay Payton just left a message — he’d like Matt Kemp to keep his head up.

Though I think Brad Penny could’ve used some help in center field tonight, there’s something seriously wrong when thousand year-old Jose Valentin is taking aim at the scoreboard.

I don’t know which was more intense — seeing Will Leitch side by side with James Dolan, or Chris Cotter’s long awaited Meeting Of The Minds with Tommy Lasorda.

Philadelphia answered first inning HR’s by Miguel Cabrera and Mike Jacobs with subsequent homers from Ryan Howard (no. 54) and Chris Coste, as the Phillies lead the Fish, 7-4.  Presumably, most of Miami is riveted to Daunte Culpepper’s Dolphins debut.  Marc Perlman tuned in and asks “Puff Daddy is still alive and allowed to make music?”

Just as long as he stays away from charity basketball, we should all be grateful.