Dismissing reports of free agent WR Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper being shopped together as “far-fetched”, the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian claims the former is likely to return to Foxboro as “he™s found no takers”.

Why hasn™t any team made Moss an offer, and if a team has, why hasn™t anyone in the media heard about it?

Is it really possible for the game™s single-season leader in touchdown receptions to secretly visit teams? To go incognito in and out of Dallas? Or Green Bay? Or New York? Or Denver? Or Philadelphia? Or Pittsburgh? Or St. Louis?

One prominent agent has a theory as to why there™s been no buzz about offers or visits involving the high-profile receiver. He suggested œthe market is chilled because the perception is Moss is merely going to use the offer to have the Patriots [team stats] match it.

Why get involved if you know Moss is going to end up with the Pats no matter what?

Teams don™t want to be used in that fashion; that™s why there hasn™t been what™s known as œpopcorn bidding, where Moss gets to work all the teams against each other to push up the bids.

The feeling is, the negotiations are still ongoing with the Patriots. He™s trying to find a better deal so he can get a better one with the Pats. That™s the bottom line.

The New York Daily News’ Gary Myers reported yesterday that Herm Edwards was aware of The Hooded Casanova’s video fetish as far back as four years ago, even waving to New England’s camera man during a Pats/Jets game, yet never made a complaint to the NFL. Myers’ source claimed, “we just gave false signals and waved at the camera. I don’t know if they picked up our signals or not. We didn’t really worry about it too much.” So can we presume this was happening all time?