From TSN :

The Montreal Canadiens announced Thursday that goaltender Jose Theodore (above, right) tested positive for a substance on the WADA banned substance list.

Head Team Physician, Dr. David Mulder, discussed details of the test.

Theodore tested positive for the hair restoration drug, Propecia, which is not an anabolic steroid but does act as a masking agent. Mulder stated that Theodore has been using the product for “eight to nine years.”

“He’s been taking it on the advice of a dermatologist,” Mulder told the assembled media. “And he has had very good success and he feels it has helped hair growth and prevented further loss and he has taken it with my knowledge.”

The real question is, could Theodore stop the next guy off the street if he went off Propecia?

While we ponder that, Jose, his full head of hair and the Canadians are trailing the Sabres in Buffalo this evening, 1-0 after one period.