(foreground, McGrady in his customary pose)

Though Donnie Walsh recently managed to resist the charms of Allen Iverson, Newsday’s Alan Hahn claims the Knicks GM — currently observing his squad hang around with the Celtics at MSG — might find “catering to Tracy McGrady’s diva-esque personality a lesser evil.”

Multiple sources say the Knicks  have tried since the summer to engage the Rockets in trade talks for McGrady but have been unsuccessful. However, an opportunity could present itself after the latest episode – a reported spat with Adelman about McGrady’s return schedule – that reportedly even has infuriated Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, who used to be one of McGrady’s staunchest supporters.

What would it take? The Rockets would love to get a high-end young player for McGrady and also save some money, which suggests they also would look for an expiring contract or two. It will take more than one to make up McGrady’s league-high $23.2-million salary this season.

The Knicks could offer Eddy Curry, who could make up for the loss of Yao and has only one more year left on his contract after this season; add an expiring contract such as Chris Duhon, Al Harrington or Larry Hughes, and toss in someone such as Wilson Chandler as a sweetener.

It’s an intriguing proposition, but only if McGrady received a full bill of health. And I’m pretty sure the New York Mets’ medical staff doesn’t have a say in the matter.