There’s no small amount of consternation on the part of Eddy Curry’s Knicks teammates regarding the center’s alleged All-Star snub, but Newsday’s Alan Hahn scoffs at Magic Johnson’s suggestion there’s a cabal of Larry Brown loyalists seeking to discredit Zeke.

Once again, it’s all Larry Brown’s fault. Thanks for the built-in excuse, Magic.

When this season ends — the Knicks need three wins to match Brown’s total of 23 last season, so they’re almost assured of achieving that — I hope no one is blinded by this notion that Thomas should be judged on this season vs. last season. “Evident progress” should include his entire body of work as the franchise’s leader, not just it’s coach.

Ask yourself this, even you who claim this criticism is all racially-motivated (as accurate as Emeka Okafor from the foul line): If Thomas had been running the Yankees or Mets the past four years, would he even still have a job right now? Ask Brian Cashman about media criticism and pressure. Ask Omar Minaya about the racial bias in the media.

I think it shows how far the Knicks franchise has fallen in New York. There is not nearly enough outrage about how much the bar has been lowered. When 50 wins was once the water mark, 30 wins would suggest “evident progress.”’s Marc Stein claims the Bobcats are lobbying for C Ryan Hollins’ participation in All-Star Weekend’s dunk contest, stressing “my sources in the dunk community say Hollins (above) can dunk from the free-throw line off a two-footed jump, which ain’t something you see every day.” Certainly not, but despite having seen Hollins abuse the Austin Toros several weeks ago, I’m more blown away by Stein having contacts in the “dunk community.” I do hope for his sake they are more credible than my contacts in the backcourt violation community.

Phil Jackson blames the Lakers’ 95-84 loss in Indy last night to “sunlight deprivation.” Which, I suppose, is more believable than saying you were outcoached by Rick Carslisle.

Bad enough that Kobe has to rearrange Manu’s face, but making Elie Seckback physically exert himself is just dirty pool.

Given Nash’s anti-war stance, it was just a matter of time before America’s foremost right wing pundit unloaded on him.