As of this writing, the Atlanta are putting the finishing touches on a Game 7 rout of Miami, a result that not only represents the Hawks’ first playoff series win in 12 years, but also sets the stage for Atlanta radio voice Steve Holman mocking LeBron James just as badly as he went after D-Wade. The Palm Beach Post’s Jorge Milan quotes Holman’s defense for accusing the Heat of “thuggery”.

“It’s amazing,” said Holman (above), who has called Atlanta games since 1985. “This poor old radio announcer has done these games for 24 years in mostly anonymity, and the funny part of it is I’ve done the same thing for 24 years. I’ve had the same shtick.”

Holman insisted he was only mimicking the style of his mentor Johnny Most, the legendary Boston Celtics announcer.

“He taught me it’s the good guys versus the bad guys, like in the cowboy movies,” Holman said. “It’s all theater. It’s not brain surgery. I’m not operating on anybody’s tumor or performing quadruple bypasses on anyone.

“I’m trying to entertain our Hawks fans for two hours so they can get away from 81/2 percent unemployment and GM going belly up, from Arlen Specter changing parties to the swine flu. People hear enough of that. I’d like to give them some enjoyment for a little while.”

Eric Reid, the Heat’s play-by-play announcer, indicated that Holman may have gone over the line with his comments.

“Johnny Most was his mentor and gave him his break, so I think he’s rooted in that stir-it-up style,” Reid said. “Everybody finds their own way. You have to look in the mirror and decide how you want to do the job.”