Bugs & Cranks’ Adam Godson graced Tuesday morning with his personal All-Time Lead Glove Team. And while Juan Samuel didn’t make the cut for his butchery in centerfield, I’m pleased to say that at least one former Met (aside from Jose Offerman) did make Godson’s list.

Third Base ” Bobby Bonilla, (™86-™01) ” There have been some pretty shitty third basemen in baseball, but Bonilla makes a rock solid case to be the shittiest. After coming up as an outfielder, the Pirates experimented with Bobby Bo at the hot corner in 1987. He survived, so they penciled him in as the starter from there on out. He looked like a guy who couldn™t swim getting thrown in a river. He notched 32 errors in ˜88 and 35 in ˜89 before the Pirates banished him to the outfield forever. The problem was, other teams didn™t seem to notice (or care) that Bonilla couldn™t play third. The Mets (™93-™95), Orioles (™96), Marlins (™97), and Dodgers (™98) all threw him at 3B for significant time. He couldn™t field there as a youngster, and he sure couldn™t field there as a crippled old man.

Welcome back, Harold Reynolds. But when Casey Stern says he needs a hug, you’d be well advised to just shake hands.