With the Cowboys waving goodbye to Keyshawn Johnson and wecloming T.O., Newsday’s Jon Heyman is amongst those impressed with Dallas’ coup.

Terrell Owens signed with Dallas yesterday, and everyone’s going to kill the Cowboys for doing something so crazy, so foolish. They’re going to say team owner Jerry Jones needs to have his head examined.

Well, if he does, he should get in line. Examine mine first.

I say, great move by Dallas. Thanks to NFL contracts that cheat their players, combined with T.O.’s past bad acts, the Cowboys got a truly great talent for relative peanuts. The Giants can sign all the defensive backs they want; they aren’t going to find one to cover this guy.

Jerry Jones keeps 10 million bucks in his wallet, and that’s all he’s guaranteed to one of the NFL’s 10 best players. The total package could be worth $25 million to T.O., but that’s only if he stays healthy and on the straight and narrow.

Judging by T.O.’s history, he should be tolerable for the first year. If so, they’ve got one of the two truly special wide receivers in the game and a greatly enhanced chance at the next Super Bowl.

Parcells is at his best with crackpots and crackheads. Even if he was high half the time, Lawrence Taylor stayed active and thrived under Parcells. Parcells gave Taylor special treatment. Maybe that’s ordinarily not conducive to team play, but no one said a word and the Giants won two Super Bowls.

Owens is self-centered, irrational and money-oriented. He also has bad taste (who else takes Brett Favre over Donovan McNabb now?). The trick is, you have to ignore him. Pretend he’s the nutty uncle, pretend he’s the drunk on the street, pretend you can’t hear him. Because most times it’s better not to..