…but makes no mention of the Seattle coach’s “70 Minute Drill” podcast for CSTB.

From Newsday’s Jon Heyman.

We all know it’s Super Bowl tradition for the gripes to quickly follow the two weeks of hype. But the continuing complaints of Holmgren may partly be designed to obscure the obvious. Which is this: The Chin on Pittsburgh’s sideline outmaneuvered and outcoached The Double-Chin at almost every turn. That’s been conveniently ignored in the unwarranted firestorm to beat up the poor refs (I say poor, because on average, they make 1/50th of what Holmgren makes).

(surely the wrong Heyman)

If it isn’t enough that Holmgren became the first Super Bowl coach to purposely and mistakenly allow the opposition to score a game-sealing touchdown (he did that vs. Denver back in XXXII), he managed to butcher clock management in both halves of XL. That fact has been ignored, covered up and overshadowed by Holmgren’s unwillingness to let the part-time, peanut-making refs come off the turf.

If you think it’s unfair to bring money into the equation, consider it was Holmgren who reportedly stacked $129,000 in $1 bills – the Super Bowl winner’s share – in maybe the all-time dumbest pre-Super Bowl locker-room stunt. Did he really think what barely exceeds loose change for many NFL players is what drives them before the sort of game that can define lives and reputations?