Back in August, free agent G Delonte West’s pursuit of a position at Home Depot was mentioned in this space (“Perhaps He Can Ask LeBron For A Loan? – Delonte West’s (Alleged) Money Crunch”, 8/18/11), though it turns the entry-level aspirations of one of the NBA’s most notable fans of firearms and LeBron’s mom (not necessarily in that order) were no joke after all. The Washington Post’s Cindy Boren reports West’s new gig is in the warehouse of Regency Furniture, a Maryland/Virginia chain retailer.

West tweeted relentlessly about his first day on his new job and shared pictures (which you can see when his Twitter account calms down). He even shared a photo of his job application, complete with the explanation that he’d been convicted of a crime because of a “misunderstanding.”

Daniel King, a sales manager at the Brandywine store, confirmed to The Post that West is on the job. Or was on Thursday.

West, a graduate of Greenbelt’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School, is a familiar face around the store. “Sometimes he just stops by to say hi,” King said. “He can make some extra money, and it would make money for us.”

There was confusion initially about where West would be working. Selling furniture seems like a better thing for him than lifting it, but when we checked in with Regency, he was in the warehouse.