Thank you, dear readers.  After a mere two weeks listed at the somewhat confusing, CSTB’s Long Island Expressway-style traffic jamboree has resulted in your very favorite spurts-site being ranked NUMERO UNO in our respective field.

I would also like to share my appreciation with the several dozen other sports blogs that generated many more unique vists than CSTB, for failing to register with this dubious service.

And in the spirit of healthy competition, I would like to issue a challenge to the creators of the since-vanquished  Now that you’ve been so easily defeated in the traffic wars, don’t you think it is time to remove my photos from your blog? Some guy with the screen name MAF54 has been sending unsolicted IM’s  (wants to know if I’m ok after Katrina, have I seen the inside of a cockpit, etc.) and I no longer wish to encourage him.