With all due respect to Society System Decontrol, that’s the question posed by Orange Frazier Press, publishers of a forthcoming autobiography from former Ohio State QB / gambling addict / con artist Art Schlichter. The Dayton Daily News’ Carlos “Big C” Holmes acquainted himself with the book’s dust jacket (almost as well as I’ve acquainted myself with his report) :

“Busted, the Rise and Fall of Art Schlichter”, tells the compelling story of how someone with fame, fortune and matinee idol looks was driven by the demons of a gripping addiction to steal from family and friends to support his gambling habit.

An All-America collegiate player and top 10 Heisman trophy contender, Schlichter reveals his father™s burning desire to mold him into an idolized athlete who would win championships and make millions. Schlichter describes how a fateful interception led to Woody Hayes resignation and his frustration and anger with Earle Bruce™s conservative offense.

Drafted by the Baltimore Colts in 1982, Schlichter also reveals the causes behind his complete failure as an NFL quarterback and his suspension from the league in 1983. Schlichter also details how he used gambling to numb his self-inflicted pain until he contemplated suicide, and how he gambled away more than $120,000 in two days.