(above : Hebdige, taking it in very good humor that he’s been bumped from an LBC appearance in favor of Dr. Brian Knobbs).

“RE-THINK, BROTHER, GET THESE KIDS TOGETHER…BREAK THE CYCLE…CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE YOUTH,”…and that’s just a little bit of the sage advice provided by Hulk Hogan to BBC 5Live’s Richard Bacon earlier today (skip to about the 28 minute mark here) in the wake of mass looting through England the past few days. Lest anyone doubt the Hulkster’s credentials when it comes to influencing contemporary Hoodie-No-Goodies, keep in mind he’s a former Santa With Muscles Father Of The Year.

Hearing Hogan offer his take on a real-life social crisis has me feeling very sorry for broadcasters of prior generations.  How awesome would it have been if Hogan’s sophisticated point of view had been expressed on the morning of 9/11/01, or perhaps immediately following the assassinations of JFK or Martin Luther King? Couldn’t the Hindenburg disaster been lent the right sort of gravitas had Hulk Hogan been able to phone in?