For years, I’ve maintained that flying insects really suck. Mosquitos, flies, gnats, wasps, bees, hornets, etc. I’ve never understood their purpose. I’ve heard plenty about the ecosystem, the food chain, etc. but that’s all pretty abstract when the fuckers are biting you.

Anyhow, after last night, I take it all back. Flying insects — midges, to be specific (thank you, noted Entomologist Peter Abraham) are now my friends and I will not tolerate any negativity towards them.

Bronx Banter’s Alex Belth posed the question, “Who will ever forget the close-up shots of Joba Chamberlain looking like something out of David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead,’ his neck, face and entire head covered with a dozens little flying ants, as he unraveled and allowed the game-tying run to score?” Certainly not me — I’m trying to figure out how to transfer said moments from my TiVO hard drive to create some sort of endless loop of Joba-under-siege.

High & Tight’s Mr. Faded Glory argues that Joe Torre should’ve “protested for a suspension of the game when Joba was clearly being bothered by external forces (insects on his eyeballs).” And he makes a very good point. I have it on good authority there have been a few ballgames impacted by other external forces, including those not limited to sunlight, shadows, wind, slippery surfaces, high temperatures, extreme cold, crowd noise, pigeons, the distracting smell of tasty food items being prepared, Daughtry songs played over the tannoy, etc. Not only should Cleveland’s Game Two victory be nullfied — and Fausto Carmona Not Glue’s exceptional performance be removed from the record books — but the vast majority of the MLB games from 2007 should be replayed.