Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone writes that he turned down ducats to the “Game 6” premiere (at which, James McNew, reports, celebs in attendence included Mike Piazza’s platonic friend Eddie Trunk), telling the promo creeps, “if they wanted to reach my audience they should buy an ad through, like any other company looking to push a product.”

Fuckin’-a. To the right of Cerrone’s missive, there’s a Blogad for “Bloggersfuel”, a self-described “roasted-to-order, gourmet coffees designed FOR bloggers to ‘FUEL’ bloggers.”

Naturally, I am consumed with jealousy and rage that Cerrone has acquired such a classy advertiser, and can only hope that the manufacturers of “GLUE 4 BLOGGERS” will soon be in touch with CSTB, as I think I’ve got their demographic nailed.

On a similar tip, that Christ-like figure of baseball blogging, David Pinto, continues to remind his 2 1/2 billion Baseball Musings readers with every post that he’s immersed in a March pledge drive. In my opinion, compared to any other charitable endeavor you might choose from, there is no individual or organization more deserving of your money than David Pinto. The victims of Hurricana Katrina can fuck off. Likewise for Oxfam. The continued struggle of David Pinto to support himself and his family through his wildly informative blog really oughta take precedence over other trivial concerns. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly doing my part to help. When Blogads informed me that CSTB was ineligible for their program because, well, I don’t know, they never really explained it….the heroic Mr. Pinto emerged to save the day. Through a referral with Baseball Musings, Pinto collects a percentage of CSTB’s advertising revenues. Admittedly, this percentage isn’t very high, but that’s why you need to start purchasing more advertising. Even if you hate CSTB, doubt anyone is reading it and would sooner use an electric stapler on your genitals than see me spending your hard-earned cash, at the very least, you can sleep better knowing that David Pinto’s kids won’t have to go to a public school.

Thank you!