And all you get are these lousy tweets:

I must admit that overall, until it’s April 10, I still prefer the minors, where the smaller coaching staffs and more mistake-prone players=scoring and entertainment.

Not to mention: fighting. Just when it appeared that they should start one, the Kings changed the momentum of this game with two big hits. The wildly shorthanded Flyers (no Gagne, Briere, Lupul or Giroux) still played well, and certainly had their chances. And made it to first place.

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that “Just as they had in Anaheim the previous night, hundreds of Flyers fans attended last night’s game. Perhaps they had been at the Rose Bowl to watch Penn State and decided to remain in the Los Angeles area.”

Guilty as charged, but I’m assuming most of them were expats. Happens all over the West and Southwest, but especially in hockey.

Now can someone tell me why Mike Knuble took a Polaroid of himself in the penalty box?