Tim Cook advises,

“‘Ichiro Versus’ – A reality/free association show unlike anything I’ve ever seen, including all the blabber preserved on the poker tournaments on the Mojo channel, I think I would enjoy this should I have the good fortune to ever see it. And what I wouldn’t give to see Curt Schilling or any of the Sultans in the guest chair. Per The Seattle Times’ Brad Lefton.”

Keeping in mind that much gets diluted in translation, here’s a sample from a recent episode with acclaimed actress Keiko Matsuzaka in the opposite chair.

Off-camera narrator: “Ready? Associate to this thought: First encounter.”

Matsuzaka: “Your first step into an unknown world.”

Ichiro: “Forgive me, I was just a curious 18-year-old.” (Guest and studio hands laugh out loud.)

Narrator: “Your teenage years.”

Matsuzaka: “Quick maturation through constant reprimand.”

Ichiro: “Sacrifice.”

Narrator: “Experience.”

Matsuzaka: “Asset.”

Ichiro: “What you use to develop yourself.”

Narrator: “Workplace.”

Matsuzaka: “At times, the promised land.”

Ichiro: “The only place where certain things exist.”

Narrator: “Judgment.”

Matsuzaka: “Your inner conscience.”

Ichiro: “Something that has to be exercised in a split second.”