Even before the Phillies’ capture of the NL flag last night, frustration over the Mets’ 2nd consecutive September flop has threatened to boil over into total irrationality.  WFAN’s Mike Francesca (suddenly “as relevant as a rotary telephone” in the view of Steve Keane) declared 3B David Wright to be “a dime a dozen player” yesterday, and if that’s the case, I’d like to meet the guy who’s handing out the dimes (with apologies to Fred Blassie).  Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest finds Francesca’s anti-Mets bias so offensive, he’s throwing down the gaunlet…with a challenge that will probably go unanswered.

Give Evan Roberts credit, he did a great job making his points and using facts as the foundation of his analysis. Francesa doesn™t deal with facts. He lives in his world of œFrancesa-isms. You see in Mike™s world the Mets are only fun when the Yankees have things locked up. The Mets œcore is a threat to his beloved A-Rod, Jeter, and Posada. If Wright and Reyes stick around long enough they might be the best offensive players in New York. This is unacceptable in a Francesa world where pinstripes are entitled to wins and championships. Today was classic Francesa as he threw facts and analysis to the curb and said œThe Yankees will get Texeira and Sabathia because 98% of the time when they want a player they get him. If someone can chart this for me could you post it in the comments?

Now that Francesa revealed a rift between between him and David Wright can you take the above quotes seriously? Do you trust the thoughts of a man that couldn™t defend himself against a œwet behind the ears Evan Roberts? Could you imagine Francesa debating these issues with Howard Megdal or me? No offense, we would have wiped the floor with him. And that is 100% fact.